Oxford Welsh Male Voice Choir

Founded in 1928...

St John the Baptist, Stanton St John
13th September 2014

30 of the 'lads' turned out for this concert. The accompanist for the night was Tim Croston and our soloist was Voirrey Carr.
This was our return to the Church after recording our latest CD there in July 2014.

Can you guess who the MD was? You can just spot a hand on the left of the photo.

Correct.... the hand belonged to Helen Swift!

... and some old ones. This is the 'Bandits Chorus'

The last time we performed in the Stanton St John we picked up a new recruit. Top right it is Andrew... he would be back again on Sunday as vicar.

The cover to our new CD. The theme is reflection and remembrance.

it was a chance to try out pieces for our Autumn season....

Many of the 'bandits' sported 'taches' including Helen!

Fortunately the bandits didn't frighten the audience. There are no photos of Helen with a moustache... not sure how much she paid the photographer to destroy them!